Snipsly: Write Articles and Earn 80% Google Adsense Revenue

Snipsly is a cool site where you can write unique articles online and earn 80% Google Adsense revenue sharing in return for posting articles through the site. Snipsly will add a little extra money every month to your Adsense income, if you write SEO articles frequently, but don’t expect to rake in heaps of money from the site.

According to the site, it’s alright to submit articles consisting of only three sentences, but to ensure your articles will perform their best in the search engines, it would be best to write at least 400 word articles.

The site uses a WordPress interface for writing and posting articles,  which I like. If you are already familiar with using WordPress then it will be incredibly fast to write an article and publish it. Even if you’re not a WordPress user, it’s extremely easy to use and there’s no approval waiting period like with most article directories.


There is, however, a duplicate content check going on there right now, so make sure you only post unique content. You will earn more money online and get better search engine ranking submitting unique content.

The 80% Google Adsense revenue sharing on Snipsly is higher than similar blogging sites. Triond, although totally different than Snipsly, only shares 50% Google Adsense revenue, but holds a higher page rank I believe, but I’m not sure. Snipsly is currently PR4 and a good site to use for backlinking purposes. You can’t backlink your content on Triond. Backlinking articles on Snipsly will help boost your blogs and article placement in the search engines so you can make more money online from freelance writing, or blogging.

You can hyperlink your content in your Snipsly article and receive a dofollow backlink, but I wouldn’t over do it. I usually only add one outbound link in my articles to play it safe and I always submit original content. If you are going on a backlinking rampage, using multiple sites, use an article spinner to speed up the process. My backlinks from Snipsly are showing up when I use a backlink checker, so it’s worth using the site for this purpose and the extra Adsense income is a bonus.

In addition to getting paid to write articles, you can also earn money by adding videos and photos. I have never done this, but it could be beneficial for those who like to make promotional Youtube videos. After you register your Snipsly account, there’s a section in your profile settings where you will need to add your Adsense publisher ID. Don’t forget to add the ID, otherwise you won’t make any Adsense money from your writing. I like Snipsly and I will continue using the site primarily for SEO purposes. Submitting content there is easy and enjoyable. So if you’re looking for another site where you can earn money online from writing, while receiving a dofollow backlink, add Snipsly to your list.